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  • Electric Line | Overview

    Cudd Energy Services offers multiple applications for cased-holed electric line (e-line), including perforating, tubing-conveyed perforating, logging, and specialty services. Our services are designed to provide an accurate evaluation of well performance in order to increase productivity and minimize non-productive time. To ensure the accuracy and precision of the geophysical data collected down hole, we utilize Warrior Well Logging Systems.

    Utilizing innovative technologies and equipment, our e-line services can seamlessly integrate with our hydraulic fracturing or coiled tubing services ensuring more efficient operations. In addition, our personnel are highly trained with decades of experience in e-line applications to ensure safe, reliable operational performance.

    Cased-Hole Applications

    • Cement Bond Log
    • Gamma Ray / Casing Collar Locator (CCL)
    • Radial Cement Bond Analysis
    • Shaped Charges
    • Casing Cutters
    • Bridge Plugs & Setting Tools
    • Long Tool String Pumpdowns
    • Horizontal Well Completions
    • Tubing Conveyed Perforating
  • Perforating

    Our e-line portfolio includes multiple perforating systems, including high-pressure slick guns and Scallop TAG Guns. Our specialists spend detailed time assembling and switching the tools to ensure successful and efficient perforating operations. We utilize reliable perforating charges, det cord, and blasting caps in all of our perforating, and safety personnel are onsite to ensure operations are carried out to the highest safety standards.

    Cudd Energy Services leads the industry by performing long tool string pumpdowns up to 60 feet in length, with a 99% success rate on tool switching in long tool string pumpdowns, we have successfully engineered solutions that have allowed us to perforate highly deviated wells up to 120 degrees.

    Combining our e-line services with our hydraulic fracturing and coiled tubing operations ensures a reliable, cost effective package of completion procedures.


    • Vertical Well Completions
    • Horizontal Well Completions
    • Long Tool String Pumpdowns
    • Deviated Well Tool String Pumpdowns
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    Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP)

    Tubing conveyed perforating (TCP) operations allow the well to flow through the detonation of shaped charges that maximize perforation and entry whole size. In a dry toe well completion operation, TCP offers a safe and cost effective method of perforating the toe utilizing a coiled tubing unit or stick pipe on a rig. In tight zones, TCP offers a solution to create a better fracturing environment.

    We offer a complete line of TCP systems for highly deviated, horizontal or vertical wells. Our systems can be tailored for any size gun length and shot density to accommodate our customers’ completions procedures.

    Ensuring the safety of all onsite personnel is a main priority for all operations. To that end, we designed a safety lock system utilizing coiled tubing to prevent the premature release of energy, and provide an effective lockout/tagout procedure to protect our personnel and the integrity of the well.

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    CES provides several specialized services to accommodate a variety of downhole logging applications, including cement bond logging and radial cement bond analysis. Extensive operational experience combined with advanced logging tools such as Warrior Well Logging System, allow us to offer more accurate and precise data to make the right decision for maximizing your well’s production.

    All operations are diligently planned to deliver superior, on-time results, safely and effectively. Pre-operation checks are performed on all tools to ensure functionality and prevent costly onsite delays in operations due to equipment failure. As an additional safeguard, we perform surface bond logging prior to completion of drilling operations to ensure isolation of the water table.


    • Scientific Data Systems
    • Cement Bond Log Cement Evaluation
    • Radial Cement Bond Analysis

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