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    Hydraulic Workover (HWO) Overview

    The industry leader in Hydraulic Workover applications, Cudd Energy Services (CES) offers a diversified portfolio of solutions for today’s well challenges. With each operation, from a simple completion job to a complex well intervention, CES strives to deliver superior planning, design and execution.

    Each solution expertly integrates modular components that have a smaller footprint than conventional drilling and workover rigs, and are designed to improve job efficiencies, enhance personnel safety, and reduce rig-up and rig-down times.

    HWO Applications

    Conventional Workovers
    Frac Plug Millouts
    Lateral Cleanouts
    Underbalanced Drilling
    Live Well Intervention
    Completion Services
    Single and Dual Completion Installations
    Pipeline Cleanouts
    Storage Well Re-Completions
    Well Control and Pipe Recovery Services
    Concentric Thru-Tubing Interventions
  • Innovations

    Rack Jack® This system incorporates four sets of racking fingers to allow tubulars to be vertically racked in single or double stands.


    Skid System When used in conjunction with Rack Jack®, the skid system allows movement between wells without laying down the work string or disassembling the BOP stack.


    Mud System This modular fluid storage and handling system provides improved recovery of solids and handling of workover fluids.


    Quick Stack TowerThe stair tower allows for safer and easier entry in and exit from the workbasket, eliminating the traditional use of a crane and personnel basket, or extension ladder.


    Ultra-High Torque Rotary The rotary system produces up to 22,000 pounds of torque and contains a braking system that prevents backlash.


    Torque Tube The torque tube allows use of ultra-high torque rotary system when jack is fully extended without transferring excess torque to the jack leg.


    Interlock System The interlock system assures positive weight transfer of tubulars while tripping or snubbing operations are being performed, an electric over hydraulic fail safe system that will not allow all slips to be opened simultaneously.


    High-Capacity Gin Pole The gin pole allows the handling of BHAs up to 10,000 pounds in 70-foot sections.


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    Rig Assist

    50K 120K 170K
    Available in 3 lift capacities, the revolutionary Hydraulic Space Saver units bring all the advantages of hydraulic snubbing to conventional drilling and workover operation in modular, self-contained units. The Space Saver units are built on a smaller footprint that is ideal for tight oilfield spaces and quick rig-up jobs.


    Key Features:

    • Self-contained for easy transport
    • Rig ups completed in less than 1 hour
    • As few as 3 crewmen required
    • Handles 3/4 in. to 9 5/8 in. O.D. pipe or casing
    • Shortened operating height for better tubular handling and faster trip times
    • Stand-alone application available
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    Quick Jack™

    150K 225K
    An economical alternative to high-pressure coiled tubing or a workover rig assist combination, the Quick Jack™ Unit is a fully functional, modular stand-alone HWO unit ideal for rapid rig-up jobs, typically within 6 hours. Available in 150K and 225K capacities, the Quick Jack™ HWO Unit is ideal for thru tubing and live well tubing completions.

    Key Features:

    • Guide system for high-pressure applications
    • Automated stabbing system to isolate personnel from overhead loads
    • Optional Quick Stack BOP Configuration feature to further reduce rig-up time
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    Stand Alone

    150K 225K 340K 600K
    With its modular design and lighter load weight, the Hydraulic Stand Alone unit mitigates the challenges that stem from limited space, excess surface pressure and remote, hard-to-reach locations.

    Key Features:

    • Self-contained for easy transport
    • Typical 12-hour crew complement of 6 crewmen
    • Handles 3/4 in. to 9 5/8 in. O.D. tubulars with a 13 3/8 in. through bore
    • Shortened operating height allows for safer tubular handling and faster trip times

    Features listed above are available on all units except the 150K

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    Rack Jack®

    Available with 225K 340K units
    Vertical Pipe Racking Feature and Skid System

    The Hydraulic Rack Jack® feature enables crews to vertically "rack" pipe, improving trip times and enhancing safety. When combined with the Skidding System, it allows intervention operations to be performed between wells without rigging down or laying down the work string.

    Key Features:

    • Suitable for onshore and offshore operations
    • Features large work basket to improve personnel safety
    • Racking capacity up to 17,000 ft. of 3 1/2 inch tubing
    • 5,000 ft./lb. – 22,000 ft./lb. range of torque capabilities (Unit Specific)
    • 70 ft. gin pole with 10,000 lb. utility winch available to handle large BHA
    • • BOP Trolley System allows for lifts up to 40,000 lb.
  • Hydraulic Drilling Unit

    The Hydraulic Drilling Unit (HDU) is a configurable system designed for offshore Hydraulic Workover services and Hydraulic Drilling operations. An economical alternative to offshore platform and jack-up rigs, the HDU is designed to increase personnel safety, reduce trip times and provide easier marine transport.

    Key Features:

    • Modular design to minimize crane capacity and shipping costs
    • Rack Jack® Vertical Racking feature to rack single or double stand work string
    • Modular drilling mud system for fluid control and handling
    • Skid System to provide greater accessibility and reduce dependence on crane
    • Dual Kelly hose system improves connection time when drilling
    • Quick Stack Tower to improve personnel safety while entering and exiting workbasket
    • Hydraulic rotary with 22,000 ft./lb. capacity
    • 13 5/8 inch maximum through bore
    • 10-foot and 12-foot jack stroke option available
    • Proprietary torque control system allows full torque at full jack stroke
    • 1,000,000 lb. maximum static load capacity (Skid System)

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