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    Nitrogen | Overview

    Nitrogen is a versatile component for a variety of drilling, stimulation, workover, completion, and pipeline applications. Nitrogen, an inert gas, does not support combustion, and is capable of safely displacing flammable liquids, gases, explosive mixtures, and oxygen from tanks, lines, systems, and facilities. Nitrogen prevents oxidation inside tanks, lines, systems because of its inert properties.

    Nitrogen is used in combination with our stimulation operations to generate fracturing and displace well fluids to initiate the flow of oil or gas. In our coiled tubing operations, jetting with nitrogen is used to lighten fluid columns, clean wells, and during perforation.

    Experience, expertise, and safety are the cornerstones of our nitrogen services. Our personnel are highly trained professionals, IADC certified engineers, and experienced specialists who play an instrumental role in designing efficient solutions.

    Multiple industrial nitrogen applications can be viewed by visiting our Industrial Nitrogen section.

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    We utilize our custom suite of nitrogen software programs to predicate our job design, allowing our engineers to perform custom analysis, data modeling, and maximize job efficiency. Our Nitrogen Flow software models and predicts the gas flow rates, and the Foam Analysis software predicts the fluid/gas ratio for foam jobs and foam friction calculations. For multi-approach job analysis, we utilize CERBERUS by CTES, PERFORM by IHS, and ProdENG by Production Associates.

    Oilfield nitrogen services include:

    • Wellbore Jetting, Displacements, and Cleanout
    • Flowline Displacement and Cleanout
    • Stimulation and Lift Assist
    • Siphon, Velocity, and Injection Strings
    • Underbalanced Drill Pipe Recovery (freeing differentially stuck pipe)
    • Sand Cleanout
    • Burst Disk Pressurization
    • Well Control Services

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    Nitrogen Units

    The 740k direct fire nitrogen trailer units provide added support for a wide range of oilfield applications, including pressure testing, stimulation, and production transfer and unloading. The nitrogen unit accommodates temperatures from -320°F to 500°F and pump rates up to 12,000 SCFM. Pumps are hydraulically driven to reduce emissions, reduce fuel consumption, and improve maintenance; each unit is equipped with temperature and pressure safety shut-down devices for emergency situations.

    Our fleet of 740K units is all custom designed for heavy duty oilfield applications, including fracturing and coiled tubing operations. Our smaller heat recovery units are designed to safely and efficiently operate in high caution areas.

    Pump Rates 90K to 360K unfired
    180K to 740K fired
    Pressure Rating (Working) 10,000 psi.

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    Transport & Mobile Queen Units

    The 52-foot queen storage unit helps minimize transportation costs and facility congestion with its large capacity and storage capabilities. The queen storage unit safely stores over 1,500,000 SCF onsite, helps reduce on-site traffic for reloads and provides high rate product requirements in hydraulic fracturing operations. It provides 24 hours of pumping at 1,000 SCF, and allows transport unloads without interrupting pumping operations. In combination with our large fleet of nitrogen transport units, the queen storage units ensure product availability and superior job logistics. The queen storage units are strategically located throughout the North American basins.


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