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  • Commitment to Safety

    Cudd Energy Services (CES) is committed to ensuring the safety of our employees, customers, environment, and communities in which we operate by adhering to a comprehensive safety and quality improvement program.

    We are dedicated to cultivating a safe environment, and demonstrate this commitment by providing our employees with continual training on accident prevention, environmental protection, and current industry standards from certified trainers.

    Our customers are our partners, and count on us to provide a safe operational environment. We value that trust and work diligently to ensure our employees receive the resources to perform their duties safely and effectively.

    Our management team recognizes its responsibility to provide a safe workplace, establish safe workplace policies, and deliver competent leadership.

    Our supervisory staff is committed to the implementation of and compliance with company safety programs and provides our management team with up-to-date information on any safety vulnerabilities.

    Our employees understand the importance of an effective safety program and are committed to upholding its policies by adhering to supervisory instruction, complying with safety policies and training, and providing feedback for improvement.

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    Safety Objectives

    • Encourage and empower our people to continuously improve our quality, health, safety, and environmental (QHSE) performance.
    • Support any employee who requests that work on any location should stop, if the work is unsafe or may cause environmental damage.
    • Set annual QHSE targets for improvement and ensure that our performance is monitored and measured.
    • Include QHSE performance criteria in all employee job descriptions

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    Safety Management System

    We are implementing a safety management system (SMS) that exceeds the requirements set forth by the Safety and Environment Management Systems (SEMS) requirements and International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) guidelines. This is to ensure our employees’ safety and to achieve zero incidents. We are creating processes and procedures that will better align us with our customers’ needs and requirements, and help us effectively respond to the ever-changing landscape of the oil and gas industry.

    This safety management system requires compliance reviews to be performed at each district, to maintain adherence to the guidelines outlined in SMS. The reviews consist of key elements which are designed to ensure compliance of SMS. The goal is for SMS to be fully implemented by the end of the first quarter in 2014.

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    Environmental Management System

    We are committed to safeguarding the communities in which we operate by establishing an environmental management system that reviews and creates processes and business practices that minimize the impact on the environment.

    We train our employees to be aware of any impact our business operations may impose on the environment and our responsibilities toward the environment. We actively practice pollution prevention and waste minimization and develop products and business processes to minimize our impact. And, we conduct environmental audits of each facility to ensure compliance with our program policy.

    Cudd Energy Services actively participates in trade organizations and environmental groups engaged in understanding the environmental concerns associated with industry activities.

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    Management System Objectives

    We strive to:

    • Seek improvements by providing open communication with our employees and customers.
    • Maintain compliance with all applicable legal, regulatory, and industry-governing requirements related to our company.
    • Provide our employees with the resources necessary to perform their duties within the established legal and regulatory guidelines.
    • Provide the processes to ensure the established management systems’ goals and objectives are regularly reviewed and communicated to all employees.
    • Provide open access to the management systems policies for public review

  • Transportation Safety Objectives

    The goal of our Transportation Department is to ensure a safe, successful and effective transportation program is utilized throughout the company through the evaluation and monitoring of all transportation activities.

    Our key objectives are to:

    • Ensure transportation activities are effective through proper education and training of those employees who effect, or are responsible for the transportation activities of the Company.
    • Operate all company vehicles in a safe manner, and consider the safety of the motoring public with a share the road attitude.
    • Maintain the transportation fleet at a level of maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, company policy and in compliance with state and federal provisions.
    • Employ professional drivers of both commercial and non-commercial motor vehicles who are properly qualified and trained to operate the Company’s vehicles.
    • Ensure all transportation activities comply with, or exceed the federal provisions of 49 CFR Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 5 concerning the movement of hazardous materials, the safe operations of commercial motor vehicles, transportation by pipeline, and other state and local provisions which regulate the transportation industry.


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