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    Water Management Solutions | Overview

    Cudd Energy Services Water Management Solutions (WMS) delivers custom-engineered systems to address water management challenges in oilfield operations. Designed for water treatment, water recycling, biocide services and well remediation, these systems provide a cost-effective method for managing on-site fluid supply, treatment and pit circulation for a variety of oilfield operations.

    The technology behind the WMS systems provides flexibility in set-up configurations while improving personnel safety and operational efficiencies. These systems allow for easy mobilization, rapid rig-up capabilities, and seamless integration with a variety of remote control and automated features.

    Each operation is planned and implemented by our highly trained and qualified personnel to improve operational efficiencies and mitigate risks. Subsequently, WMS provides the optimal treatment plan and configuration to supply your water needs safely and efficiently.

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    Water Treatment

    The WMS water treatment system is a contained, mobile unit that restores produced water for reuse in oilfield applications by eliminating bacteria from fresh, produced, and recycled water sources. The water treatment system reduces solids content, removes hydrocarbons, breaks down emulsions, accelerates iron removal, and destroys hydrogen sulfide in produced water.

    The water treatment system is comprised of compartmental units housed on individual trailers that can be rapidly mobilized to centralized pits, tank batteries, and water collection/treatment facilities. Produced water may be transported to the treatment area or extracted from tank batteries or existing pits.

  • Biocide Treatment

    The WMS biocide treatment system treats produced water, surface water, surface vessels, and wells for bacterial control. The biocide treatment system also includes oxidizing treatments to control iron sulfide, eliminate hydrogen sulfide, remove biomass and biofilm, break emulsions, and control other oxidizable species.

    WMS biocide treatment system uses Petro-Flo™ Microbiocide, a fasting-acting biocide that effectively controls all types of bacteria including sulfate reducing, acid producing, and biofilm forming bacteria that contaminate water supplies. WMS performs onsite water testing to determine the optimal dosage to treat the particular water source.

    Treatment Areas

    • On-the-fly water treatment
    • Pre-stage water treatment
    • Pipelines
    • Surface vessels
    • SWD system treatments
    • Producing, injection, and disposal well treatments
  • Well Remediation

    Our well remediation services combine OxiFlo™ Oxidizer and our proprietary mobile activation unit to repair and restore wellbore damage caused by bacterial, polymer residue, paraffin and wax accumulation and other sludge combinations. The OxiFlo™ Oxidizer proprietary chemical system offers an efficient and environmentally safe alternative to conventional treatments with engineered activation to meet site-specific requirements.

    OxiFlo™ Oxidizer is a selective oxidant that efficiently destroys sulfuric compounds including iron sulfide and hydrogen sulfide.

      OxiFlo™ Oxidizer breaks down emulsions that trap hydrocarbons and solids to optimize the de-oiling and solids removal process.

        OxiFlo™ Oxidizer completely denatures any residual polymer fragments in the water and eliminates potential formation damage when the water is reused on the next frac job.

        Our mobile activation unit is a modular unit that adapts easily to meet site-specific requirements. The unit features a PLC or manually controlled system with engineered activation. The unit features an onboard chemical capacity to pump 800 barrels at 3,000 ppm, and can perform treatments at 50 ppm on-the-fly at 100 pm. The unit is equipment with back chemical pumps to avoid downtime during operations.


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