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Long-Lasting solutions built on a solid foundation

Backed by operational expertise and the most advanced equipment available, Cudd’s comprehensive line of cementing technologies deliver innovative solutions designed to maximize zonal isolation while ensuring lifelong well integrity. Our experienced engineers customize optimal, fit-for-purpose solutions that exceed the unique demands of wells located in the harshest of environments. Our advanced cementing technologies provide additional strengthening of well control barriers for more reliable, predictable operations.

Unconventional formations require cementing solutions that stand the test of times. Cudd engineers slurries fit for purpose for every well condition and environment, including horizontal, high pressure and high temperature, and conventional and unconventional applications.

Our cement services feature:

    • Gas migration prevention
    • Lost circulation prevention
    • Ultra-lightweight (9.5 to 13 ppg)
    • Self-healing capabilities
    • Thermally responsive

Conductors Squeezes
Surfaces Liners
Intermediates-Multistage Plugs

Advanced Resources at Your Service

In addition to Cudd’s more than 40 years of downhole experience, we house the most advanced, state-of-the
art laboratory for testing slurries and other fluids to API specifications. Addressing pressure, temperature,
and fluid compatibility in our lab facility ensures a safer, environmentally friendly result for a profitable
impact that extends the life of the well. Cudd technicians and engineers are available 24/7 to help your team
achieve operational efficiencies for exceptional results.

Our dedicated fleet of cementing services equipment includes:

    • 1350 hp twin cement pumps with ADC
    • Cement bulk plant - One of the fastest loading bulk plants in North America (9,500 lbs/min)
    • Stand-alone mixing skids
    • Single body load cement pump trucks for tight locations
    • Fully equipped fluid analysis center
    • Large-volume batch mixers and accessories
    • Bulk cement transports
    • Acid transports
    • Vacuum transports

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