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    Coiled Tubing & E-Coil | Overview

    With well development moving beyond traditional vertical well formations, our approach to coiled tubing technology has shifted as well. Using ingenuity and diligence, we’re building better solutions for today’s unconventional challenges.

    Our technology features a wider selection of string designs with higher yield strength capacities and increased rigidity. This provides quicker trip times, increased productivity and improved operational safety. With our e-coil capability, you’ll receive real-time images, logs and data of all downhole operations.

    More importantly, our personnel are highly trained, experienced specialists and engineers who pair ingenuity with the latest technology to deliver innovative solutions to your well site challenges. Our teams specialized levels of expertise and geographically specific experience provide you with the best information concentrated on your region of interest.

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    Our coiled tubing units are built for a wide variety of environments and applications for onshore and offshore operations, as well as sweet and sour environments. Operating in accordance to recommended procedures in API 16 ST and API 16 D, along with API 53 and BSEE standards ensuring our equipment is engineered to the highest specifications.

    Our injector heads can safely handle O.D. coil ranging from 1 inch to 2 7/8 inches, with a continuous maximum pull force of up to 100,000 pounds and a continuous maximum snub force of 40,000 pounds.

    Our industry leading DAS systems, satellite transmission capabilities, and remote viewing are all current initiatives in our coiled tubing technology focus.

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    Experience and expertise are the cornerstones of our coiled tubing services. Our personnel are highly trained, IADC certified specialists and engineers who complete twenty (20) hours of fundamental-level training and/or thirty-six (36) hours of supervisory-level training. Our engineers utilize a full suite of modeling software that help predict string performance, fluid behaviors and well interaction to maximize your well’s characteristics and conditions and ensure the optimal job plan.

    Cudd Energy Services’ CT well control equipment operate in accordance to API 16ST and API 16 D, along with API 53 and BSEE industry standards.

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    We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for completion, production, and well intervention applications.

    • High Pressure/High Temperature (HPHT)
    • Jetting, Displacement , and Cleanout
    • Milling, Drilling, and Underreaming
    • Dead String Stimulation
    • Cement Squeezes and Packers
    • Asphaltine and Scale Removal
    • Thru-Tubing Gravel Packs
    • Siphon, Velocity, and Injection String Installation
    • Flowline Installation and Cleanout
    • Sand Cutting
    • Multi-Zone Stimulation Treatments (Fracturing/Acidizing)
    • Abrasive Perforation
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    E-Coil Applications

    Quickly growing in versatility, e-coil capabilities offer multiple solutions for downhole information gathering.

    Cased-Hole Applications

    • Cased Bond Log
    • Temperature Log
    • Gamma Ray/Neutron/CCL
    • Perforations
    • Casing Cutting
    • Caliper
    • Bridge and Isolation Plug Settings
    • Cement Retainer Settings

    Open-Hole Applications

    • Convey Tools
    • Fishing
    • Plugs Setting & Retrieval
    • Well Logging(Real Time & Memory)
    • Post Production Identification Logging
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    Coil Drilling Technologies

    Coil Drilling Technologies (CDT) performs slim-hole directional services in multibench and multileg horizontal applications. This innovative coil steering technology provides increased directional control and can be deployed on a variety of e-coil reels. The technology is optimal for open-hole completions up to 4⅞-inch OD, whipstock setting and multilateral navigation for remedial intervention or stimulation operations.


    • Setting whipstock
    • Directional drilling
    • Casing exits
    • Lateral extension
    • Open-hole sidetracks
    • Multilateral navigation
    • Logging run
    • Cleanouts
    • Stimulation
    • Fishing

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