Dependable, High-Performance Equipment

CES’ high-performance equipment is custom engineered for stimulation applications. Our stringent inspection, maintenance and recertification standards ensure the reliability of the equipment, significantly decreasing non-productive time and increasing job efficiency.

Our stimulation fleet is comprised of approximately 680,000 total HHP, with individual units delivering up to 2,250 HHP and capable of operating pressures up to 13,250 psi. Our fully automated blenders, liquid additive systems, mixing and chemical metering systems allow full control and precise delivery of all liquid and dry chemicals and proppants. Additionally, our nitrogen fleet is rated to operate up to 10,000 psi. The units are capable of delivering up to 10,000 SCFM dependent on treating pressure. We are also upgrading selected equipment for dual-fuel capability, an enhancement that should significantly improve fuel usage and emissions performance.

We are currently developing an iron management program that will allow us to record and track the location, history, usage, and status of our high-pressure treating iron. It will ensure that inspections and certifications are current, accurate, and readily accessible. This program, upon completion, will be one of the most comprehensive iron management programs in the industry.

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Stimulation Q-3000

Dual Fuel Pump