Dual Fuel Pump Performance

The newly converted Dual-Fuel Dynamic Gas Blending Frac Fleet from Cudd Energy Services lowers emission levels and operating costs while reducing overall environmental impact. Our DGB fleet can redeploy flare gas for use as fuel for a maximum 65% diesel substitution—all while delivering the same performance and power.

Operators are increasingly focused on meeting or exceeding their stated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives. Cudd Energy Services is striving to help current and future customers meet these objectives with DGB technology.



  • 2250 HHP quintuplex pumps

  • Increased fuel cost savings via maximized substitution rate

  • Maintain Tier 2 Emissions Certification

  • Maintains Diesel Performance

  • Limited manpower and commissioning requirements


  • Between 850 & 1250 BTU

  • Minimum Methane number of 32

  • 10 ppm or less of H2S

  • Clean dry gas (no liquids)

  • Supply gas must be between 42 – 131 F at a pressure between 12 and 100 psi

  • Up to 65% diesel substitution per truck