Hydraulic Fracturing

CUDD frack on Ballard well near Gillette, Wyoming October 16, 2013.CUDD frack on Ballard well near Gillette, Wyoming October 16, 2013.

Increase Flow with Custom Hydraulic Fracturing

From low-gravity crude oil to dry gas in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, hydraulic fracturing solutions from Cudd Energy Services utilize a combination of high-performance equipment and uniquely specialized operational experience to deliver optimal results.

Our customer-focused approach offers tailored operations for hydraulic fracturing needs for slickwater, linear gel, crosslinked gel, CO2 foam, and nitrogen foam applications, from simple single-stage fracs to complex multi-stage, horizontal fracs.


Our expertise and resource capabilities provide access to industry-leading services that include:

  • Fully customized stimulation treatments

  • Real-time operational data via FracLink

  • 24-hour access to frac industry leaders

  • Detailed post-job analysis to ensure regulatory compliance