Petro-Flo™ Microbiocide

The Clear Choice for Biocide Protection

Cudd Energy Services (CES) and Bio-Cide International introduce Petro-FloTM Microbiocide, an innovative water treatment additive registered by the EPA as an oilfield biocide. Offered exclusively for the global E&P market by CES, Petro-FloTM Microbiocide offers a safer,more effective alternative.


  • Environmentally friendly

  • Powerful oxidizing biocide

  • Has residual antimicrobial protection

  • Does not form harmful DBPs byproducts

  • Contains the same active ingredients used in many common consumer products

  • Has a lower NFPA hazard classification rating than other sanitizers

Key Features

  • Rapid, sustained activity against SRB, APB, GAB

  • Breaks down biofilm and inhibits its formation

  • Selective oxidation of H2S and FeS

  • Effective over a broad pH range (1–10)

  • Effective in high-organic loads

  • Safely degrades to simple table salt

  • Positive environmental profile

Unique Chemistry

Petro-FloTM Microbiocide acts immediately to eliminate a wide range of organisms. In proven laboratory studies and field applications, its unique chemistry effectively controls bacteria that produce slime, sulfates, and acid. Petro-FloTM Microbiocide also penetrates biofilm to aggressively break it down from within and prevent the formation of new biofilm.

Environmentally Friendly – EPA Registered

With an EPA toxicity rating of CAT III, Petro-FloTM Microbiocide is less toxic and safer for the environment than biocides such as Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach), Glutaraldehyde, and Quaternary Ammonium compounds.

Petro-FloTM Microbiocide does not combine with organics to form carcinogens or other harmful byproducts. The absence of these harmful byproducts improves the quality of flowback water, making it safer and more suitable for re-use.


While some commonly used biocides can react with friction reducers to lower the effectiveness of both the friction reducer and the biocide, Petro-FloTM Microbiocide does not interfere with the effectiveness of friction reducers and is compatible with most fracturing additives.

Trusted Reputation

Bio-Cide International has manufactured disinfectants and biocides registered by the EPA, FDA, and USDA for over 35 years. Its products are registered for use against organisms like MRSA, Listeria, Hep-C, Salmonella, VRE, E-Coli, and HIV.