Water Recycling


Water Recycling Enhancement

As part of Cudd Energy Services Water Management Solutions, our water recycling system employs the same commitment to industry-best practices that we provide throughout all our services. Housed in a self-contained mobile unit, the water recycling system produces clear, solids-free brines that exceed fracturing fluid requirements.

Water management is a growing concern for modern oil fields in regions where water’s value surpasses that of oil. We recognize the need to address this pressing issue by providing comprehensive solutions that employ collection, storage, recycling, and reuse opportunities in a variety of field applications.

Our proprietary treatments produce recycled water that’s fully compatible with today’s engineered fracturing fluid technologies, featuring:

  • Fully customizable method designed to meet site-specific requirements

  • Zero-liquid discharge process separates all waste into a dry solid waste stream

  • Minimal disposal costs, maximum water recovery

  • Proprietary OxiFlo® Oxidizer chemical pretreatment offers robust solids control

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