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    Special Services | Overview

    Cudd Energy Services (CES) provides custom-engineered services to address pressure situations, including gate valve drilling, hot tapping, and freezing. Using innovative technology and expertise generated from decades of experience, we design solutions to meet these unique challenges, in a safe, efficient manner that minimized downtime and productivity.


    • Surface and Subsea Hot Tapping
    • Freeze Operations
    • Gate Valve Drilling
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    Surface and Subsea Hot Tapping

    Hot tapping is the exacting process of safely drilling into a pressurized pipe or vessel without discharging contents or interrupting flow. This allows you to maintain highly optimal operating conditions while essential modifications are accomplished.

    CES has the capability of performing hot tapping on lines and vessels containing water, oil, gases, fuels, steam or other chemicals, in onshore and offshore applications.


    • Coiled tubing, production tubing, casing, bull plugs and drill pipe
    • Pump fluid conduit for freezing applications
    • Leak-proof entry for pipeline access
    • VR plug removal
    • Subsea operational units with ROV capability
    • Hole cutting up to 1 in. diameter (coupon retrieval and larger sizes available upon request)

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    Freeze Operations

    Pipe freeze plugging is a simple, cost-effective method to perform pipe maintenance and line modification without shutting down the entire operation.

    Successful pipe freezing is accomplished by establishing and maintaining solid plug freezes throughout the operation. When performed in this manner, the freezing operation can be performed with minimal interference to the project timeline and limited financial impact.

    Dry ice and liquid nitrogen freezing are two cryogenic methods used in freezing operations to isolate wellheads, valves, and other circulating equipment from sub-surface and upstream pressure.

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    Gate Valve Drilling

    Gate valve drilling is a process designed to regain access to a well bore of tree through a gate, pliy, or stabbing valve that is inoperable and/or seized; while at the same time, maintaining pressure control below the gate.


    • 15,000 psi. working pressure, including H2S environments
    • Full-bore and pilot holes up to 3 in. diameter (larger sizes available on a case-by-case basis)
    • In-tree scale removal or pumping using high-velocity wash nozzles
    • Extended reach capabilities up to 30 feet
    • Ceramic, stainless steel, and calcium-plated drilling
    • Leak-proof entry for pipeline access
    • Able to drive multiple gates on a single wellhead
    • Regulated bit speed and applied torque