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    Well Control | Overview

    Cudd Well Control (CWC) provides first-class engineering and critical well intervention services to identify risks and design solutions that prevent critical well control events and reduce non-productive time.

    CWC is strategically positioned to respond to operations around the world; working with oil and gas producers, well servicing companies, regulatory agencies, insurance carriers, academic institutions, and underground storage operators to help mitigate risks. We help you prepare for emergency situations through advanced planning and training programs to uncover vulnerabilities and establish procedures for a safer working environment.

    We are a recognized leader in onshore and offshore critical well intervention services, with expertise and knowledge conceived by the original captains of the well control industry, and enhanced by innovative technology and superior industry training.

    Visit us at for additional information.

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    Engineering Services

    Cudd Well Control is a registered engineering firm. Our experienced engineers and specialists are dedicated to ensuring the safety and functionality of your investment. We partner with you to identify operational vulnerabilities and develop plans to mitigate your risks.

    • Regulatory Compliance Verification
    • Shear Ram Calculations/Verification
    • Blowout Contingency Plans
    • Rig Inspections
    • Drilling Plan Review
    • Relief Well Planning
    • Kick Modeling
    • Operator Training and Emergency Drills
    • Development of Well Control and/or Drilling Manuals

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    Critical Well Intervention Services

    When you are faced with a critical well event, you need a turn to an experienced, reliable resource to resolve your situation quickly and safely. CWC promptly responds to assess the situation and develop a plan of action to turn your operations to production.

    • Oil and Gas Well Firefighting Operations
    • Blowout Control
    • Pressure Control Consulting
    • Surface and Subsea Well Control
    • Kick Resolution
    • Well Recovery Operations
    • Hot Tap Operations
    • Gate Valve Drilling
    • Freeze Operations

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    Experienced Personnel

    Our personnel are our most important assets. The CWC team makes safety a priority in every situation. From establishing safe work zones to ensuring the safety of the equipment, you can count on CWC to do it the right way.

    For assistance with your critical well control challenges, call us at 1.800.990.2833. We are available 24x7 to assist you.

    Well Control Specialists

    Our well control specialist come from different backgrounds including drilling, snubbing, coiled tubing etc. thus providing various dimensions to our team. They have experience in working under different well control conditions, especially underbalanced, and using a multitude of tools.


    The engineers at Cudd Well Control come from various background and stand ready to put their experience and training to work anywhere in the world. They maintain the most up-to-date knowledge and information available in their areas of expertise, and they keep their skills sharpened.


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